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Input Stories

Intel Pledges Net-Zero by 2040

By NAM News Room

Intel intends to eliminate emissions from chip-making, according to The Wall Street Journal (subscription).

What they said: On Wednesday, the semiconductor maker announced its goal to reach net-zero greenhouse-gas emissions by 2040.

  • The effort will involve reducing the footprint of chemicals used in semiconductor manufacturing to etch chips and keep equipment clean.
  • Intel says its emissions were 75% lower over the last decade than they would have been without its efforts to increase efficiency and use renewable energy.

The plan: Intel is launching a research-and-development effort to prevent the release of chemicals and find more environmentally friendly alternatives.

  • Intel also plans to invest $300 million in energy conservation and power its operations entirely by renewable energy by 2030.

What they’re saying: “We need to look fundamentally at the chemistry and if we can come up with completely new chemistries that have zero global warming potential,” said Todd Brady, Intel’s chief sustainability officer. “It will be a big, big change.”

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