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Promoting, preserving and perpetuating America’s small and medium-sized manufacturers.

An Extension of Your Team

The mightiest force of the U.S. economy—small business—deserves a team and resources that match the unrivaled impact small manufacturers have on jobs, communities and the nation. Power of Small is the National Association of Manufacturers’ exclusive resource network for small and medium-sized manufacturers. We provide representation, insights and analysis and trusted advisers to serve as an extension of your team and deliver advocacy, legal action, workforce development and operational excellence that not only support manufacturers through today’s uncertainty, supply chain challenges and record inflation but also work to advance their success for the long term.

Trusted Advisers

Supply Chain

The NAM has been focused on helping small manufacturers navigate the supply chain crisis and advocating for policies that would mitigate bottlenecks, increase the skilled workforce, boost industrial investment, and strengthen manufacturing in America.

A Resilient Supply Chain

Below are some of the latest key resources for small manufacturers.

News, Insights and Stories: Click here to stay up to speed on the latest related to the NAM’s policy advocacy to invest in and improve manufacturers’ supply chain resiliency.

Broken down by issue: Below are quick links to our most recent news pieces and stories across the major issue areas that play a role in our larger supply chain effort:

Immigration: Immigration reform is essential to our competitiveness worldwide and is a priority of manufacturing leaders across the U.S. as we work to solve the worker shortage that is contributing to our supply chain crisis.


Infrastructure: Our global supply chain network depends on strong and reliable infrastructure. From roads and rails to pipelines and broadband—a healthy supply chain means that manufacturers can move materials and products efficiently, giving our hardworking employees the tools to succeed.


Manufacturing Operations: Facing supply chain challenges, manufacturers are implementing innovative programs that are supporting their efforts to keep their doors open and their workforce strong.


Research, Innovation and Technology: Manufacturing doesn’t just use cutting-edge technology—we create it. But our proven ability to stay innovate and competitive relies on the health of our global supply chain.


Trade: With a level playing field and an accessible market, manufacturers in America can out-perform any competitor. That’s why solving the supply chain crisis is paramount to expanding opportunities to sell our products around the world and ensure global trade is open and healthy.


Workforce: From a historic worker shortage to wage inflation, manufacturers understand that focusing on growing and supporting our workforce is critical to solving our supply chain crisis.



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  • Watch the most recent coverage of NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons as he speaks on how manufacturers can rise to the solution.

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Insights and Analysis

 Delivering support small businesses and educating the public on the impact of small manufacturers in America

For Small Manufacturers

Power of Small — A weekly email newsletter that provides resources and actionable intelligence for small and medium-sized companies on everything from loan programs and regulatory changes to workforce strategies, as well as inspiring stories showcasing the powerful leadership of small manufacturers.

Free forums, virtual meetings and webinars — As the largest and oldest manufacturing association in the United States, the NAM brings together the top CEOs, experts and innovators in the industry to network and share insights and practices to help small manufacturers prosper.

About Small Manufacturers

The NAM is putting the nation’s spotlight on small manufacturers, with original reporting on small and medium-sized manufacturers through and by drawing attention to member content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

The NAM Team at Work

Advocacy: Fighting for the policies that secure small manufacturing in America

Competing to Win

For the latest policy and legal news, click here.

Legal Action: Championing legal issues that protect small manufacturers

NAM Legal Center

NAM Legal Referral Service

For the latest policy and legal news, click here.

Operational Excellence: Providing the programs and services to equip small manufacturers with the know-how and resources for the challenges and opportunities of today and tomorrow

  • Leading Edge — The NAM’s premier thought leadership program that gives small—and all—manufacturers access to leading business luminaries on mission-critical topics impacting manufacturing operations and business.
  • NAM Health Care Available to NAM members and members of affiliated associations with 2–99 employees, this plan with UnitedHealthcare enables small manufacturing companies across the country to purchase affordable health care at rates previously only available to large corporations.
  • NAM Cyber Cover An exclusive cybersecurity and risk mitigation program for NAM member companies and organizations. This critically important and timely offering was developed in partnership with AHT Insurance and Coalition, which specializes in underwriting cyber and technology insurance.
  • Member Benefits Discounts and other benefits to boost manufacturers’ bottom lines.
  • CONNEX Marketplace Online platform that connects manufacturers in the U.S. to help each other find what they need. It’s the most advanced buyer/seller digital network in America, customized for manufacturers to search by certifications, capabilities, equipment and other unique parameters.
  • NAM Incentives Locator Government incentives for business can accelerate small manufacturers’ growth, and the NAM helps manufacturers claim U.S. government agency support.
  • NAM Energy Manufacturers can access this partnership to simplify the energy procurement process and secure the best prices.

For the latest business operations news, click here.

Workforce Development: Advancing the dignity of manufacturing work in America and providing solutions to boost workforce efforts

Bolstering the manufacturing workforce                       

Students examining equipment at DENSO

Manufacturing Institute logo

The Manufacturing Institute grows and supports the manufacturing industry’s skilled workers for the advancement of modern manufacturing. The Institute’s diverse initiatives support women, veterans, students and workers through skills training programs, community building and supporting the advancement of their career in manufacturing. As the workforce development and education partner of the NAM, the Institute is a trusted adviser to manufacturers, equipping them with resources necessary to solve the industry’s toughest challenges.

Making Manufacturing Cool

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The NAM works for the success of the men and women who make things in America. Representing 14,000 member companies—from small businesses to global leaders—in every industrial sector, we are the nation’s most effective resource and most influential advocate for manufacturers across the country. Ninety percent of the NAM’s members are small and medium-sized firms, relying on us to be a trusted adviser and an extension of their teams.

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