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Input Stories

Worker Happiness Rises

U.S. workers are the happiest they’ve been at their jobs in nearly four decades, according to a new study cited by The Hill.

The details: “Over 62 percent of workers were satisfied with their jobs in 2022, according to a new study by the Conference Board, a business research firm that has conducted polling on the subject since 1987. It is the highest mark in the survey’s history.”

Possible reasons: Overall satisfaction was up two percentage points from 2021, when many employers began adopting extended remote-work policies following the pandemic.

  • “The report partly credited a tight labor market for the increase in worker satisfaction, saying employers need[ed] to provide more benefits to remain competitive.”
  • Workers with work-location flexibility reported being happier than those with jobs that are either entirely remote or entirely onsite.

Overall happiness is up: “The satisfaction among all workers is up from a valley in 2010, when just 42.6 percent of workers were satisfied with their jobs.”

For employers: With a job market that’s expected to remain tight despite concerns over a coming recession, employers “should focus on improving work experience and culture to attract talent,” according to the report.

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