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Where Are All the AI Marketing Jobs?

Generative artificial intelligence hasn’t set off an expected cascade of job openings for “AI-specific leadership” positions in marketing, The Wall Street Journal (subscription) reports.

What’s going on: “It’s unclear when such roles will appear, some experts said, if they appear at all. The number of open marketing jobs whose descriptions mentioned AI in November 2023 was 8% lower than a year earlier, spanning the months when artificial-intelligence startup OpenAI first captured the public’s imagination, according to data from job board Indeed.”

  • AI seems to have had a lesser impact on marketing than other practices, such as sales.

Taking the lead? While most large companies have not appointed leaders to AI roles in marketing, “Coca-Cola has been one exception. After releasing its first AI-generated ad campaigns earlier this year, the beverage giant in June signaled its dedication to the new technology by promoting two executives to the newly created roles of global head of generative AI and global head of marketing AI.”

  • Big brands are likely to follow the drink giant’s lead this year, one recruiting firm leader told the Journal.

​​​​​​​Proceeding with caution: Others say Coca-Cola may remain in the minority on AI marketing roles for some time to come, however.

  • Chief marketing officers have “opted for a deliberate approach to ensure that this shift isn’t simply about generating buzz, said Shiv Singh, former CMO at online lender LendingTree. They want to avoid the fates of other once-hot, tech-focused titles, such as chief metaverse officer, that quickly went from innovations to punchlines.”
  • What’s more, leadership jobs in AI might be redundant if firms successfully integrate AI tools into their marketing team positions, a staffing firm source told the newspaper.
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