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Input Stories

What the NAM Is Doing to Help Ukraine

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the emerging humanitarian crisis in that country, Americans are eager to provide aid. The NAM knows manufacturers are helping, too, with the NAM’s Emergency Response Committee working to provide the right resources.

What the NAM is doing: The ERC, founded to help members prepare for and respond to disasters both at home and around the world, is developing a targeted resource that includes real-time updates from key partners on needs on the ground as well as information for manufacturers wishing to assist in Ukraine.

  • Based on conversations with key stakeholders with operations in Ukraine, the ERC is hearing of acute needs for products such as primary health care supplies, trauma and wound care supplies and personal protective equipment.
  • Your NAM is also in conversations with member companies with operations in the Ukraine and the broader region to understand additional observed needs that can help to inform some of the NAM’s near-future aid efforts.

What manufacturers can do: There are numerous charitable organizations serving the people of Ukraine that need financial help, and many of them are included in an updated U.S. Agency for International Development resources page:

The last word: The NAM’s ERC helps NAM members respond to disasters at home and abroad, providing best practices, training and other resources to manufacturers helping their workers and communities. To get more engaged in this work, please contact the NAM team directly.

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