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Input Stories

U.S., Qatar Top LNG Exporters

The U.S. tied with Qatar as the world’s top exporter of liquefied natural gas in 2022, according to Bloomberg.

What’s going on: “Both countries exported 81.2 million tons in 2022, according to ship-tracking data compiled by Bloomberg. While that’s a modest increase for Qatar, it marks a huge leap for the U.S., which only began exporting LNG from the lower 48 states in 2016 and has seemingly overnight become a dominant force in the industry.”

  • Demand for U.S. LNG has increased following Europe’s move away from Russian pipeline gas.

Why it’s important: Current global energy challenges could bolster support for the “construction of new export facilities along the Gulf Coast.”

  • “Still, the U.S. will need to build a lot more LNG export capacity if it wants to hold onto the top spot through the end of this decade.”

The NAM says: “We continue to see an increase in demand for U.S. natural gas from Europe and allies around the world,” said NAM Director of Energy and Resources Policy Chris Morris.

  • “Bolstering domestic production of natural gas is critical to meeting both domestic and international needs. Manufacturers rely on and support policies that encourage domestic energy production and look forward to working with lawmakers to achieve this shared goal.”
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