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Press Releases

Timmons: Proxy Advisory Firms Pose Threat to Main Street Investors

Excerpts from The Hill

By: NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons

December 12, 2018

“. . . Today, institutional investors—including the brokerages and money managers that maintain Americans’ retirement accounts—control nearly 80 percent of the stocks and equities traded on U.S. exchanges.

“With such large stakes in American businesses, they have a big say in corporate decision-making and governance when a vote is put before shareholders. They often turn to outside advisers, called proxy advisory firms, to guide those decisions.

“Seeking outside advice makes sense, but many of the practices of these proxy advisory firms do not. That can lead them to give advice that isn’t in the best interest of a company, which in turn harms a Main Street investor saving for retirement.

. . .

“[S]ome proxy firm reports have been found to be riddled with errors. They can get basic facts about a company wrong—and some won’t even let companies correct those errors without paying a fee, if at all.

. . .

“In addition, proxy advisory firms often have conflicts of interest and can let views of political activists on issues unrelated to a company’s business color their recommendations.

“Such conflicts lead to advice—sometimes ultimatums—that could harm a company’s growth, which, again, is why Americans invest in the stock market in the first place. They want those companies, and therefore their savings, to grow.

“With all this power, proxy advisory firms should be subject to reasonable government oversight.

. . .

“And why do manufacturers care? First, we employ more than 12.5 million people, two-thirds of whom participate in a workplace retirement plan. We want manufacturing workers to have confidence that their retirement savings are going to help them achieve the retirement they hope to have.

“Second, the capital raised through the stock market helps manufacturers grow right here in America. It means jobs. It means investments in communities. It means new factories and new equipment.

“To develop life-changing products and technologies, manufacturers must invest in expensive research and development. A well-functioning stock market allows manufacturers to finance this growth.

“Proxy advisory firms can influence money managers’ decisions about a manufacturing company’s governance. If they are giving bad advice, bad decisions will be made.

. . .

“It is time for the SEC to act . . .”


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