Get a Vaccine, Wear a Ribbon

Millions of Americans, and manufacturers, are rolling up their sleeves to protect people we care about, get our lives back and end this pandemic. We’re getting a COVID-19 vaccine because we’re caring family members, friends and coworkers, people who want to see the return of things we miss–and because we know COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. After all, these vaccines have undergone the largest clinical trials and the most intensive safety monitoring in history.

If one American isn’t safe from COVID-19, we’re all not safe. So the Yellow and Red Ribbon Initiative is about showing we support (yellow) and care (red) for each other. We’re all in this together, committed and determined to arming up against COVID-19 and ending this pandemic.

Take Action

Wear the ribbons. We can change our social media profile photos to include them. We can frame our vaccine photos with them. We can put the ribbons outside our home or apartment. We can make displaying ribbons a do-it-yourself project, finding the ribbons online or at a local craft store. We can make it a fun family project. We can make it a part of a manufacturer’s vaccine communication program. If you’re an employer and/or vaccination site administrator, you can make the ribbons available to individuals who get their shot.

Yellow and red ribbons are for COVID-19 vaccination awareness–to show we support and care for each other and the cause of ending this pandemic. Get the vaccine, wear the ribbon!”

The National Association of Manufacturers and The Manufacturing Institute are producing yellow and red ribbon pins to help manufacturers distribute them to the people who make our economy nationwide, as well as to their families and communities. Click here to order pins today!

Need rush deliveries or have any other questions? Email us.

Share with your Networks

These tools will help us share the Yellow and Red Ribbon Initiative with our team members, family and community. Use the hashtag #ThisIsOurShot on social media. We’ll continue to update these resources with new creative.


Social Media Graphics

Vaccinated? Change your Facebook Profile Photo




If we can support you with other resources to help encourage COVID-19 vaccination, email us.