The NAM and MI Hit the Red Carpet

The NAM and The Manufacturing Institute have gone to Hollywood! Last night, two high-profile Oscar attendees, as well as hundreds of people behind the scenes, wore pins from the NAM’s and MI’s Yellow and Red Ribbon project. The pins show that wearers have been vaccinated and are lending public support to the national vaccination effort.

On the red carpet: Charlene Swankie, who appeared in Best Picture winner “Nomadland,” wore her yellow and red ribbon pin on the red carpet and the stage. Meanwhile, director Steven Soderbergh, who served as a producer of the ceremony, also wore this year’s hottest accessory in front of the cameras.

Behind the scenes: Though the red carpet got the attention, more than 500 production staffers behind the scenes were also wearing these pins, thanks to an order made by Shiny Penny Productions.

Why it matters: The on-camera appearance of the pins will help spread their message far and wide, but this was really a twofold success. Those behind the cameras matter just as much, if not more. After all, the people most likely to persuade someone to get vaccinated are friends, family and coworkers—the people you really trust, not the images on the screen.

The NAM says: NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons said, “Getting vaccinated is how we get back to the moments we miss—from gathering with relatives to going to the movies. On more and more shop floors across America, manufacturing team members are sporting yellow and red ribbon pins to show they have been safely vaccinated—just like Sunday night’s production team. The NAM and the MI are proud to help raise awareness and show that getting our shot is the safe and right thing to do. After all, it’s not just about us. It’s about our coworkers, our loved ones, our communities, our country and our future.”

Get involved: You can learn more about the Yellow and Red Ribbon project, and purchase some pins of your own, here. And check out the NAM’s and MI’s This Is Our Shot project, of which the yellow and red ribbons are just one part. You will find resources to help you talk to your employees and communities about the importance of getting vaccinated and contributing to our national effort to end the pandemic.

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