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The Employee-Experience Manager Is on the Job

By NAM News Room

Companies are working to combat employee stress, disengagement and burnout by hiring dedicated “employee-experience managers,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

  • That job-title now comes in fifth in LinkedIn’s ranking of fastest-growing jobs—the first time it appeared on the list.

So what do they do? “Employee-experience managers track and analyze daily workflow, office aesthetics and employee surveys to determine how engaged and satisfied workers are in their jobs.”

Why now: The pandemic took a toll on employee happiness and engagement, leading companies to create these roles.

  • “In a June Gallup survey of more than 15,000 U.S. workers, about half described themselves as not engaged at work—meaning they did the minimum work required—a turn from the record engagement levels of the early days of the pandemic.”

A day in the life: “[UPS global experience manager Clea Kanelos] and her team have . . . visited hourly workers at UPS facilities around the world, observing them on their shifts and conducting one-on-one interviews about their daily jobs. They then give local leaders feedback on how to inspire staff.”

  • “One universal tip, she says: ‘Never underestimate the importance and significance of a handshake and saying hello to your people.’”

What we’re doing: The Manufacturing Institute, the NAM’s 501(c)3 workforce development and education affiliate, is conducting a number of initiatives and programs to help manufacturers boost retention.

  • In partnership with Colonial Life, the MI is currently conducting a research study on the role that employee engagement and culture development play in attracting and retaining employees. Stay tuned for the results later this year!
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