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Senators Work Toward Energy Permitting Deal

By NAM News Room

A bipartisan coalition is gathering momentum to push for energy permitting reform, according to The Hill.

The problem: The slow pace of energy permitting processes is hindering energy infrastructure development, making it harder to strengthen America’s energy security.

  • “Our country needs energy, all kinds of energy: oil, gas, renewables—we need critical minerals,” said Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK). “All of those things get boxed out by a broken, dysfunctional permitting system that pretty much everybody knows is broken.”

The road ahead: Over the past couple of weeks, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) has met with Republicans to negotiate an energy permitting deal that would speed up the approval process for energy projects.

The details: Sen. Manchin’s legislation would reduce duplicative energy permitting processes, including in the upkeep and construction of electric transmission lines, and require the president to make a list of national security energy projects slated for priority action. The proposal also directs federal agencies to approve a natural gas pipeline that runs through West Virginia—Sen. Manchin’s home state.

A complex effort: “The negotiations surrounding permitting reform are especially complex since the bill will need both Republicans and Democrats on board. While a contingent of mostly progressive lawmakers have already said they oppose the push, a rightward shift could alienate an even larger group of necessary votes.”

The prospects: The goal is for the coalition to pass permitting reform during the lame-duck session and before the new Congress is seated. Supporters have said that “slow and steady progress [is] being made”—but the road ahead is rocky. 

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