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Input Stories

Predictive Maintenance Takes Off

As supply chain challenges continue, companies that manufacture technology capable of predicting equipment failures are seeing increased demand for their products, according to The Wall Street Journal (subscription).

What’s going on: Tech developed by startup Augury Inc. has helped PepsiCo Inc., Hershey Co. and other manufacturers reduce the number of machinery breakdowns and stoppages, lower replacement-parts costs and add back thousands of hours of manufacturing capacity.

  • “Augury makes wireless sensors that attach to factory equipment and pick up the sounds they emit. The data is transmitted to its cloud-based platform and analyzed by artificial-intelligence software trained to recognize more than 80,000 industrial machinery sounds at various life cycles of operations—from functioning smoothly to falling apart—and overlays these sounds to detect patterns.”
  • “Augury’s system then relays its insights to the plant’s maintenance team in real time, enabling them to better focus equipment inspections and get a jump on maintenance needs.”

Why it matters: The AI-enabled technology, which is also produced by companies Inc., Senseye and DataProphet, isn’t new, but manufacturer demand for it has soared recently owing to “added supply-chain disruptions in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and ongoing Covid-related shutdowns in China.”

  • Senseye’s tech can slash unplanned machine maintenance by as much as 50% and bolster worker productivity by up to 30%, according to Siemens AG, which acquired the startup in June.
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