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of NAM members are small and medium manufacturers
of manufacturers in the United States have fewer than 20 employees
6 million
people employed by small and medium manufcturers in the U.S.
Per employee cost of complying with federal regulatins for SMMs



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Operational Excellence

The NAM is the chief advocate for manufacturers in the country. We arm our members with the tools they need to shape the debates. We execute highly effective communications and mobilize our members—and manufacturing’s indispensable, positive impact on American communities—to ensure that policymakers feel the might of the industry and are informed about the issues that impact manufacturing workers and their families. Whether on offense or defense, our focus is on policy—not politics, personality or process—to ensure the best outcomes for our members on the full range of issues.

“The NAM’s lobbyists are seen by senior policymakers as the most effective in Washington, D.C.”
Penta Group

Environment and Resources
Transportation and Infrastructure
Labor and Employment
Health Care
Research, Innovation and Technology
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Corporate Governance
Workforce and Education
News and Data

The NAM is the news source for manufacturers and about manufacturers. We’re creating our own content to ensure
our members and the public hear important news straight from the industry.

Power of Small: The NAM built an exclusive resource network, including a weekly newsletter delivered to more than 10,000 business leaders, specifically tailored to small and medium-sized manufacturers.

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: Input is the must-read morning newsletter for more than 26,000 manufacturing leaders and allies, delivering breaking news and  exclusive coverage of manufacturing issues so they have the first-look information they need to succeed and thrive.
: With 1 million annual users, offers expanded news coverage, providing a one-stop shop for manufacturers and others who care about making things in America.

Monday Economic Report
: The NAM’s chief economist provides topline analysis and insights from key economic indicators affecting the manufacturing economy and businesses.

Communications and Public Relations

The NAM is the manufacturing industry’s most effective PR team, delivering a compelling message in a strategic way to the people who need to hear it. Whether we’re winning coverage in traditional media or creating original content that you need to see, we’re providing a unique and powerful service for our members and the industry.

Shaping the Narrative: No other industry advocate has the reach and influence of the NAM. We understand what it takes to tell a compelling story and to put your efforts and interests front and center to get the attention and impact you deserve.

Delivering the Message: With our first-rate PR professionals, we drive our message in a way that is effective and compelling, showing the critical work that our  members do and building a groundswell of support for our most important priorities.

Making the News: In thousands of news articles and TV appearances each year, the NAM draws attention to the industry’s successes and advocates our  members’ priorities. Our media relations professionals have some of the strongest relationships in the business and know how to create  effective stories, and reporters know that the NAM is the most trusted source of news about manufacturing.

Engaging on Social Media: The NAM leads in social media impact, regularly driving more social interactions than our peers and reaching a wider and more influential audience.

Offering Counsel: When manufacturers face a public relations challenge, the NAM team can spring into action, offering battle-tested strategies and expert advice to help companies navigate the unexpected.

As the 501(c)3 nonprofit workforce development and education affiliate of the NAM, the Manufacturing Institute is a trusted adviser to manufacturers, equipping them with solutions to address the toughest workforce issues.

The Manufacturing Institute focuses on helping members inspire, educate and empower the workforce of today and tomorrow. The MI develops programs targeted to reach crucial groups—from young people to women and veterans— and pioneers practical new approaches to help manufacturers recruit, train and retain talent.

Women MAKE America: This is the industry’s premier effort to close the gender gap and includes networking opportunities, regional and online events, mentoring and an annual awards gala honoring women in the industry. Beginning in 2022, the MI launched its “35×30” campaign, which aims to increase the percentage of women in manufacturing to 35% by 2030.

The STEP Women’s Initiative has directly empowered, inspired and connected more than 5,000 women and reached more than 20 million women, men and children.

Heroes MAKE America: Our military and veterans initiative assists in the training and placement of transitioning service members,  veterans and military spouses—on military bases and virtually— and helps them translate their military skills and experience to secure  rewarding careers in the manufacturing and supply chain industry.

Heroes is now ramping up its efforts through a $2.25 million grant from the Caterpillar Foundation. This grant supported the development and launch of our virtual cohort with students from across the United States. The online class incorporates live instructor-led training and virtual reality–supplemented training utilizing Oculus headsets to simulate a “hands-on” learning environment and reinforce the learning modules.

The Heroes program has a 90% placement rate for participants, securing jobs at more than 250 companies in 42 states.


FAME USA: The Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (FAME), founded by Toyota and now managed by the MI, provides global-best workforce development through strong technical training and hands-on experience to build the future of the modern manufacturing industry.

FAME Gets Results: A 2020 study by the Brookings Institution and Opportunity America found that the FAME program achieved 80% associate degree completion rates, and graduates earned nearly $60,000 in their first year of employment and nearly $100,000 in their fifth year—significantly better outcomes than traditional community college technical programs or traditional manufacturing apprenticeships typically achieve.


Diversity and Inclusion: The MI provides leadership, resources and expert advice to promote D&I in the workplace, including summits, webinars and best practices to help manufacturers attract and retain a talented and diverse workforce.

Second Chance Initiative
: Partnering with Stand Together Trust, the MI is helping manufacturers welcome new employees who are among the one-in-four Americans who possess a criminal record and are ready and willing to develop their skills and seize the second chance for a promising career.

: Our annual nationwide workforce event helps show the reality of modern manufacturing careers by encouraging thousands of companies and educational institutions around the nation to open their doors to students, parents, teachers and community leaders.

Center for Manufacturing Research
: The MI’s Center for Manufacturing publishes research and analyses to help our industry understand the current workforce landscape, react to ongoing changes and anticipate future trends. The center also partners with leading experts to produce cutting-edge, actionable findings.

We understand the challenges facing manufacturers better than any other organization—and we’ve used our extensive knowledge to develop purpose-built tools, best practices, programs, plant tours and events that meet manufacturers’ most critical needs. With our growing and expanding support system, we are meeting manufacturers where they are and delivering tangible and transformational value.


Thought Leadership, Best Practices and Beyond

The Manufacturing Leadership Council is the world’s first member-driven, global business leadership network dedicated to senior executives in the manufacturing industry. As the NAM’s digital transformation arm, it is preparing manufacturers for the challenges to come by providing exclusive content, compelling events, plant tours, awards and programs that chart the way forward for Manufacturing 4.0.

The Innovation Research Interchange is a leader in helping companies drive innovation and develop the research and development roadmaps and investments that keep manufacturing at the forefront of advancing technologies and improving the quality of life. It boasts hundreds of global members in private- sector companies, federally funded laboratories, universities and others.

Leading Edge is our thought leadership series that connects manufacturing executives to collaborate on today’s critical operational issues impacting business—including sustainability, supply chain issues, cybersecurity and growth.

Our Executive Insights Series brings exclusive conversations with CEOs of the world’s top manufacturing companies directly to our members, delivering insights on the entire supply chain and providing access and singular networking for our members in a series of fireside chats that can’t be found anywhere else.

Tools to Strengthen Our Members’ Balance Sheets


NAM Cyber Cover: Developed in partnership with AHT Insurance and Coalition, this exclusive cybersecurity program for NAM member companies and organizations is designed specifically to help manufacturers mitigate cyber risk and respond to and recover from threats and cyberattacks when needed, with unique manufacturing- specific coverages, such as bodily harm and pollution, in the event of an attack.

Manufacturers Retirement and Savings Plan: Developed for manufacturers by Principal Financial Group® and HUB International LLC, this multiple employer 401(k) plan is available to all NAM member companies and associations, reducing administrative burdens while creating new financial opportunities and offering retirement security to the millions of men and women who make things in America.

NAM Energy Powered by APPI Energy: Created in partnership with experts at APPI Energy, the NAM Energy program draws on the expertise of the knowledgeable specialists at APPI Energy to help manufacturers make sure they get the best energy supplier contracts possible and are utilizing the latest developments in energy management systems to increase efficiency and sustainability and reduce costs.

NAM Incentives Locator Powered by Atlas Insight: Our incentives locator helps our members navigate the complex world of incentives to reduce operating costs, manage compliance, access cost-competitive data and claim critical funding that is available from the U.S. government. This is worth a look for any manufacturer that is hiring or expanding.

Office and Shipping Discounts: Members save on shipping and office supplies with exclusive member discounts with UPS, YRC Freight, Staples and FedEx and can take advantage of a dedicated shipping specialist.

CONNEX Marketplace: This online platform connects manufacturers in the U.S. to help each other find what they need. It is the most advanced buyer/seller digital network in America, customized for manufacturers to search by certifications, capabilities, equipment and other unique parameters.