Alastair Orchard

VP Digital Enterprise at Siemens Digital Industries

Alastair combined 20 years of design, engineering, manufacturing execution and analytics experience to launch the Siemens Digital Enterprise in 2014 and bring Industry 4.0 to the market.

A veteran of internal and customer transformation projects across discrete and process industries he currently leads a global agile innovation team who investigate and communicate the power of the Digital Twin to unlock new business models.

After an initial focus on Speed and Growth, Alastair now prioritizes Agility and Efficiency use-cases that identify and minimize the externalities typical of manufacturing industries. Recent innovations include Blockchain-based Trusted Traceability, Recipe Transformation, Bill-of-Process Execution, Skill-based Automation, a Decentralized Manufacturing Marketplace, and a Large Language Model-based Digital Thread Orchestrator.

Alastair holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the Loughborough University of Technology in the UK. He lives in Genova Italy with his wife and children and divides his spare time between the ocean and the mountains.