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Input Stories

Not Your Average Factory Tour: The MLC’s Plant Tour Series

Plant tours hosted by the Manufacturing Leadership Council, the NAM’s digital transformation arm, aren’t what you’d think. Unique experiences that offer a host of benefits to manufacturing leaders, they are hardly the typical factory tour that’s open to the public.

A focus on timely topics: MLC plant tours go beyond showing manufacturers around. They focus on specific, timely subjects or pain points affecting digital transformation. In addition to site tours, they include tailored presentations and panel discussions designed to help manufacturing executives advance their leadership, technology and operational excellence.

Intelligence you can use: MLC tours give participants the chance to see digital manufacturing technologies in action and discover how to apply insights gained to their own companies.

Behind-the-scenes perspectives: For those wanting to pull back the curtain on an innovative project, MLC plant tours present that rare opportunity. Tour participants frequently get an insider’s perspective on an entire technological undertaking at a company, from identifying a need to seeking approvals to recognizing payback and ROI.

Connect with experts: Typical factory tours often overlook a vital component of a project’s success: the people involved. MLC plant tours facilitate in-person connections between participants and the full project team, from executive management to plant floor workers, engineers and more. They give you time, both during and after, to really talk to those involved.
Networking with peers: Any given MLC plant tour provides access to anywhere from 75 to more than 100 manufacturing leaders from across a broad spectrum of industries. This exclusive environment enables valuable networking and nuanced conversations about the technical aspects of the tour.

Register now: To experience these benefits (and more) for yourself, join the MLC’s upcoming plant tour of Lincoln Electric, a world leader in welding and cutting solutions, on August 9–10. You’ll get an in-depth look at Lincoln Electric’s Cleveland campus and participate in a panel discussion on supply chain excellence. Click here to register.

More upcoming tours: The MLC has upcoming tours this fall with Cambridge Air Solutions (September 14; virtual), Ericsson (October 4–5; Lewisville, Texas) and Schneider Electric (November 8–9; Lexington, Kentucky). Bookmark the MLC Plant Tour page for details and registration when it becomes available.

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