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Press Releases

NAM Responds to Carbon Capture Report

Washington, D.C. – Carbon capture is one of the most promising tools to address climate change, especially for industrial sectors. Today’s release of “Meeting the Dual Challenge: A Roadmap to At-Scale Deployment of Carbon Capture, Use and Storage” will help policymakers prioritize solutions and drive innovation. NAM Senior Director of Energy and Resources Policy Rachel Jones had the following response:

Manufacturers in America continue to lead the charge on clean energy solutions. We can’t address climate change without carbon capture, but hurdles stand in the way of faster progress. This report maps out a plan; now we need policymakers to take swift, bold action.

The NAM applauds the hundreds of scientists, engineers, geologists and other experts who undertook this effort to understand what we need to fully benefit from carbon capture technologies. We’re dedicated to developing this technology here in the U.S. and to ensuring America continues to lead.

BACKGROUND: “Meeting the Dual Challenge: A Roadmap to At-Scale Deployment of Carbon Capture, Use and Storage” answers the Secretary of Energy’s request for advice on the actions needed to deploy carbon capture technologies at scale in the United States. Building on previous research and expertise, the report addresses the entire CCUS supply chain and recognizes that at-scale success requires economic and operational integration across industries, harmonized local/state/federal regulations and broad public acceptance.

Quotes from the carbon capture report:

“Carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS) is an essential element in the portfolio of solutions needed to take on the dual challenge of supplying energy while addressing the risks of climate change. This report describes the opportunity and maps out the actions needed to expand the application of CCUS in the United States.”

“To achieve CCUS deployment at scale, the U.S. government will need to reduce the uncertainty on existing incentives, establish adequate additional incentives and design a durable regulatory and legal environment that drives industry investment in CCUS.”

“At-scale deployment of CCUS will help the U.S. energy industry shape the energy transition by continuing to supply the growing world population with more energy in the decades to come, while reducing emissions to limit the risks of climate change.”


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