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NAM to DHS: Reauthorize Work-Permit Extension

A temporary work-permit extension expired last Friday, leaving immigrants in the U.S. at risk of losing their jobs, according to The Hill.

What’s going on: “In May 2022, the [Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services] announced that people whose Employment Authorization Document (EAD) was up for renewal would receive a document granting them 540 extra days of work authorization after the expiration date on their EAD.”

  • “But that rule came with a sunset clause, meaning that as of Friday, renewal papers will only cover EAD holders for 180 days after expiration, much less than the 16 months the USCIS is currently taking to renew EADs for asylum seekers.”

Why it’s important: There are some 616,000 open manufacturing jobs in the U.S. Giving additional authorized work time to current employees while the government processes their permit renewals would help ensure that number doesn’t go up and keep the economy going, according to NAM Director of Domestic Policy Julia Bogue.

What should be done: While the USCIS has made strides in reducing its EAD processing time, the rule should be extended again to 540 days, Bogue said.

  • “An extension would ensure these individuals remain in the available workforce population as industry continues to face labor shortages,” she added.
  • The NAM previously urged the USCIS to extend the period to 540 days.  
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