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Press Releases

NAM Pushes Back on Onerous State Health Care Bills

Washington, D.C. – The National Association of Manufacturers has begun pushing back on a wave of onerous health care bills in state capitols across the country. Since December, the NAM has come out in opposition to legislation in Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon and Utah that seeks to lower the cost of prescription drugs but would erode manufacturers’ intellectual property protections, chill innovation or expose U.S. consumers to unsafe medicines.

There is no question that skyrocketing health care costs are disrupting families and businesses around the country, but these legislative proposals come with serious and untenable side effects for both manufacturers and patients in America, said NAM Vice President of Infrastructure, Innovation and Human Resources Policy Robyn Boerstling. These misguided bills could undermine intellectual property rights, chill innovation or threaten to expose patients to unsafe medicines. Manufacturers support efforts to increase access to affordable medicines, but these pieces of legislation are a classic example of how good intentions can lead to negative outcomes that fail to contain health care costs.

  • In Michigan, the NAM came out in opposition to H.B. 5223 in December 2018, which threatens manufacturers’ intellectual property protections by requiring them in certain cases to submit a substantial amount of proprietary data, including costs associated with R&D, to the state Department of Health and Human Services, with no protections for the data submitted. Click here for more.
  • In Minnesota, the NAM came out in opposition to House File 1246 in March 2019, which would threaten intellectual property protections by requiring manufacturers to disclose highly-sensitive proprietary information, creating unnecessarily burdensome requirements that are contrary to the free and competitive market that has allowed biopharmaceuticals to develop new life-saving treatments. Click here for more.
  • In Oregon, the NAM came out in opposition to a legislative proposal in January 2019 that would authorize the state to apply for federal approval to import prescription drugs from Canada, which does not have the same standards or long-established mechanisms in place to protect patients as the U.S. Click here for more.
  • In Utah, the NAM came out in opposition to H.B. 267 in March 2019, which would authorize the state to apply for federal approval to import prescription drugs from Canada. The bill could expose consumers to counterfeit and adulterated therapies because Canada does not make product safety guarantees to the U.S. Click here for more.


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