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NAM Partners with Global Legal Network

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The NAM is joining with Meritas, a global legal alliance, to provide tailored, high-quality and affordable legal assistance to manufacturers across the country.

About the team: Meritas offers a network of 186 full-service, world-class law firms that have been vetted and approved by the organization. The firms are equipped to assist clients with issues from contracts and employment to environmental compliance and intellectual property.

How it works: If any members are facing legal issues, or simply want ongoing legal support for routine challenges, they can contact the NAM’s Manufacturers’ Compliance Institute, which will work with Meritas to identify exactly the right kind of legal professionals who can help. Meritas firms will then provide 30 minutes of free time to connect with the NAM member to figure out if a more formal engagement makes sense. NAM members can even connect with firms in other countries to work through issues that might arise abroad.

  • Vetted firms: Meritas’ approved firms have all undergone a stringent vetting process to ensure they meet high standards. Instead of having to search for a reputable lawyer on their own, NAM members can trust that we will connect them with high-quality professionals who can meet their needs.
  • Local knowledge: The Meritas network includes more than 7,500 lawyers serving 253 markets in the United States and around the world. This partnership will help manufacturers find assistance and representation from firms that have legal expertise in the relevant region, ensuring they have the best possible information as they move forward.
  • Affordable rates: Meritas firms provide high-value services at competitive rates for small businesses and large companies alike. For small and medium-sized manufacturers, Meritas makes legal counsel accessible, helping companies avoid common pitfalls and overcome complex challenges. For larger companies, it delivers strong support at a lower price point than more expensive firms, helping to ensure competitiveness and a strong bottom line.

Why it matters: Finding high-quality, affordable legal counsel with relevant knowledge is extremely challenging. The NAM’s partnership with Meritas makes that process simpler, saving you time and money and strengthening your operations.

The last word: “The NAM’s partnership with Meritas gives manufacturers around the country a clear line into an outstanding network of legal assistance,” said NAM Vice President of Legal and Deputy General Counsel Patrick Hedren. “Whether you’re a small firm trying to avoid common legal challenges, a large company trying get more out of your legal team or an expanding manufacturer trying to navigate a new state or a new country, this partnership provides indispensable value and essential support.”

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