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Input Stories

Mining Needs More Workers

As demand for raw materials escalates, mining companies in the U.S. are struggling to find enough workers to keep up, reports The Wall Street Journal (subscription).

What’s happening: The U.S. is advancing its green-energy transition while also developing new domestic sources of minerals to decrease reliance on China.

Workforce shortage: “The overall industry’s seasonally adjusted head count shrank by nearly 39% since 1990 … according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.”

  • While colleges and universities—not to mention companies themselves—are working to fill the gap, they are not turning out new workers fast enough.
  • “‘The problem is that talent isn’t lying around waiting to be paid more—there just isn’t enough of it,’ said Andrea Brickey, an associate professor of mining engineering and management at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology.”

Get help: If you are searching for ways to attract or upskill workers, the Manufacturing Institute (the NAM’s 501(c)3 workforce development and education affiliate) has you covered. It can also help you start preparing now for manufacturing’s biggest opportunity to reach young people and prospective workers: MFG Day.

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