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Press Releases

Manufacturing Leaders Implore Congress to Move Vital Infrastructure Legislation

Washington, D.C. – Today, the leadership of the National Association of Manufacturers released the following statements on the need for action surrounding proposed bipartisan infrastructure legislation:

“Manufacturers have called for this type of bold bipartisan infrastructure investment for many years, across multiple congresses and administrations, so Congress should waste no time in sending the plan to President Biden’s desk,” urged NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons. “We have watched America’s infrastructure deteriorate for too long as other nations invested in their own, aiming to outcompete the United States. Too often, it has cost us livelihoods and lives. This plan will bolster America’s competitiveness, strengthen the manufacturing industry and give American workers the foundation to build a new, post-pandemic world. This framework, which leaders in both parties and President Biden have embraced, confirms what manufacturers have said—that corporate tax increases are not the way to fund infrastructure. And with this legislation and its investments not just in roads and bridges but also waterways, the electric grid, advanced telecommunications and so much more, we can make history—and we can build that future and build to win.”

Trane Technologies Chairman and CEO and NAM Board Chair Mike Lamach added, “All Americans will reap the benefits of this bold, bipartisan plan. For manufacturers, it means we’ll be able to better deliver for our customers. We’ll be better prepared to compete in the world. Our communities will be safer, our employees will be healthier, and our companies will be stronger. We stand behind this plan and want to see it move forward quickly in support of positive change for generations to come.”

“There’s no doubt that such strong investment in our nation’s infrastructure will move us forward in a profound way. As with any compromise agreement, there are concerns on both sides,” said Dow Chairman and CEO and NAM Board Vice Chair Jim Fitterling. “Manufacturers and those who use everyday products are certainly concerned about the funding proposals related to new Superfund taxes, and we will work with lawmakers to address those—because we believe the infrastructure package should avoid targeting specific sectors, particularly when new taxes might inadvertently harm consumers and a critical sector of the manufacturing economy.”

BTE Technologies President and NAM Small and Medium Manufacturers Group Chair Chuck Wetherington noted, “America’s small and medium-sized manufacturers know far too well the costs of navigating around clogged roadways and crumbling bridges. We know the costs of shipping delays and the stress and strain on our employees as they commute. We know what it’s like to worry about power failures and what it takes to install and operate the latest digital technologies on our shop floors. So, for small manufacturers, this bill offers a boost of confidence and optimism. It will allow us to focus more of our energy on what we do best: creating jobs and creating opportunity.”

“Whether you’re running a family business or focused on the business of your family, you don’t need anyone to tell you that America’s infrastructure needs help. After all, it’s estimated that outdated infrastructure costs families $3,300 in disposable income every year. Small manufacturers are dedicated to the success of our hometowns—and we can’t wait to see what we’ll be able to accomplish once this plan becomes law. Let’s make this plan a reality,” emphasized Ketchie President and Owner and NAM SMM Vice Chair Courtney Silver.


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