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Manufacturers Denounce Russian Invasion of Ukraine

By NAM News Room

Yesterday, at the NAM Board of Directors meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona, the Board voted unanimously to approve a resolution against Russian aggression—offering support for ongoing sanctions and calling for the Russian Federation to be removed from the World Trade Organization.

An “act of aggression”: The resolution called Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion “an unprovoked act of aggression” and slammed “unrelenting attacks on humanity” that have led to lost lives, extraordinary suffering and economic devastation, among other harms.

Manufacturers’ history: The Board cited manufacturers’ “proud history of supporting and defending democracy,” including by serving as the “Arsenal of Democracy” that powered the United States through past global conflicts.

Rising threats: The Board warned of spiraling ramifications from the invasion—from worldwide threats like possible attacks on other democracies and global economic destabilization, to the direct impact of the conflict on the U.S. manufacturing industry.

Key values: The resolution lifted up the core values of the NAM, including free enterprise, competitiveness, individual liberty and equal opportunity, and made clear that “those values cannot flourish in the absence of democracy.”

Why it matters: The NAM Board speaks for manufacturers across the country, standing against Russia’s actions and standing up for free nations like Ukraine.

What we’re saying: “Manufacturers have a proud history of standing firm in support of democracy, and we stand with the Ukrainian people,” said NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons. “The free world must come together to denounce the unprovoked Russian aggression, save lives and end the humanitarian crisis unfolding before our eyes. Ending the conflict is also critical to protecting livelihoods in America and around the world. Manufacturers are already feeling the serious economic disruption, which jeopardizes the jobs of America’s manufacturing workers.”

  • “The NAM supports the efforts of the Biden administration and bipartisan congressional leaders to sanction Russia, and we support further economic sanctions,” said Timmons. “The NAM Board is speaking clearly today to support the bipartisan effort to hold Russia accountable and bring peace to Ukraine, while reaffirming our commitment to safeguarding democracy and democratic institutions not only here at home, but also abroad.”

Read more: See the full statement here.

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