Press Releases

Press Releases

Manufacturers Back Ambitious CO2 Standards for Aerospace Sector

EPA proposal strengthens the aviation industry against international competitors

Washington, D.C. – Following the EPA’s emissions standard proposal for airplanes to align U.S. standards with those set by the International Civilian Aviation Organization, NAM’s Vice President of Energy & Resources Policy Rachel Jones released the following statement:

Manufacturers are committed to smart, strong environmental protections, improving the lives of all Americans. The newest airliners are as fuel efficient as a hybrid electric car, all while making trips of a lifetime possible, and we are on the cutting edge of next-generation technologies. Modern aircraft are 80% more carbon efficient than the first airliners, and a flight today has half the carbon-footprint of the same flight in 1990. That’s why that the NAM has been pushing the EPA to set ambitious CO2 standards for the aerospace sector, to strengthen the aviation industry against international competitors, propel our economic renewal and continue leading the world in carbon reductions. We support the EPA’s proposal to set standards in line with international standards that will put the American aerospace sector in a position to continue leading on a global stage.


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