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Incandescent-Bulb Rules to Be Fully Enforced

Following years of regulatory disputes, the incandescent lightbulb will be almost completely phased out starting this month, according to E&E News’ ENERGYWIRE (subscription).

What’s going on: “Along with prohibiting the manufacture, import and retail sales of most incandescent bulbs, [Department of Energy] rules finalized last year authorize DOE to slap penalties of $542 on companies per each violation. That could mean millions of dollars in fines for large incandescent orders.”

  • DOE says the move will cut greenhouse gas emissions and lower consumers’ utility bills.
  • While there is not an explicit ban on incandescent bulbs, most of them are unable to meet the efficiency requirements that were set by Congress in 2007 and will now go into full enforcement.

What it could mean: “Industry representatives say the sweep of regulations on various appliances will spike upfront costs for consumers in the market for appliances,” ENERGYWIRE reports. “Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill argue the Biden administration is waging a back-door campaign to ban gas stoves and other appliances.”

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