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In Uncertain Times, The Manufacturing Sector Leads

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NAM CEO Jay Timmons Speaks at the 2020 CMA Winter Conference

At the Council of Manufacturing Associations Winter Leadership Conference last week, National Association of Manufacturers President and CEO Jay Timmons discussed the industry’s extraordinary achievements during uncertain economic and political times and the need for continued strong industry leadership in 2020.

In his remarks, Timmons described how 2019 was defined by major manufacturing achievements, including many that were considered unlikely.

Timmons also made the case that, while not all of the manufacturing industry’s victories were widely covered in mass media, they were numerous and necessary.

Timmons made note of the ongoing 2020 election and cast the manufacturing industry as a leader in complicated political environments. In the midst of the escalating campaign, Timmons laid out manufacturers’ vital role.

As manufacturers look to the future, Timmons discussed the need for new skilled workers and an engaged workforce that can help drive modern manufacturing and promote America’s manufacturing strength. He spoke about the Creators Wanted campaign—a unique and unprecedented effort from the NAM and The Manufacturing Institute to inspire a new generation to pursue careers in the industry.

Timmons closed by stating that manufacturers’ leadership will determine not only the achievements of this coming year, but also what the United States looks like and represents for years to come—and he called on manufacturing leaders to seize that opportunity.

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