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How Manufacturers Should Pursue Second Chance Hiring

With one-in-four Americans possessing a prior conviction, manufacturers can access a diverse and motivated talent pool by pursuing second chance hiring.

At the Manufacturing Institute’s inaugural Workforce Summit held back in October, panelists from the MI, Saint-Gobain, JBM Packaging and Envoy shared tips on how to create such hiring programs and the benefits they’ve seen so far.

Key Insights  

  • Data shows that second chance individuals are retained longer, have higher productivity and engage in more training than the average individual.
  • Start with a pilot program, then scale it up. It’s important to select a site that has the right culture, plant manager and HR support.
  • Build a framework that allows the company to fairly evaluate an individual’s background.
  • Offer support systems and partner with community organizations to meet the unique needs of this population.

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