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Business Operations

How Leading Manufacturers Are Navigating COVID-19

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The Manufacturing Leadership Council, a division of the NAM, has unveiled a new online information resource center for COVID-19 operational resources and shared practices. This follows more than 50 days of the NAM and the MLC’s joint emergency collaboration—which not only disseminates crucial information to manufacturers, but also brings them together to learn from each other and lead the country toward a successful recovery and renewal.

What to look for: Among the new online resources, “New Operational Practices to Consider in the Time of COVID-19” outlines practices that can help manufacturers meet or exceed federal guidelines while also reducing operational and business risks.

What it includes: The document covers a range of practices that manufacturers can use to protect themselves and their employees, including:

  • Site access practices including restricted visitor access, self-certification questionnaires and temperature screening
  • Workstation social distancing measures including barriers, facial coverings and regular cleanings
  • Facilities and traffic management to reduce gatherings and the use of high-touch surfaces
  • Shift and team design practices to reduce widespread interactions and encourage touchless hand-offs
  • Illness or diagnosis response plans like contact tracing and partnerships with community health officials
  • Essential travel policies, such as requiring PPE use at remote worksites
  • Plans for returning nonessential workers that reinforce protocols and prioritize on-site roles

NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons says: “Manufacturers have been on the front lines throughout this crisis, and this guide leverages the experiences and real-world practices that manufacturers across America have put into place.”

The last word: Timmons has a simple message for all Americans, whether they work in manufacturing or not: “Wear a face covering.”

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