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House Committee Forms Working Groups to Revive Tax Provisions

Following a steady drumbeat of advocacy by the NAM, the House Committee on Ways and Means has formed tax working groups dedicated to finding legislative solutions to the scheduled expiration of pro-growth tax policies at the end of 2025.

What’s going on: Each of the 10 working groups will focus on an area of the economy that will be affected by the sunsetting of certain measures in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

  • Ways and Means Committee Vice Chairman Vern Buchanan (R-FL) was selected to lead the American Manufacturing tax working group.
  • The members of Congress assigned to this team will examine the effects of pro-growth tax policies on the manufacturing sector.

Why it’s important: “Tax reform was rocket fuel for manufacturers: 2018, the first year the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was in effect, was the best year for manufacturing job creation in the previous 21 years,” said NAM Managing Vice President of Policy Chris Netram. “But those gains are at risk as key tax provisions expire, making it more difficult for companies throughout the supply chain to hire, invest and grow. Congress must build on the promise of tax reform to ensure that manufacturing in America remains strong.”

  • Earlier this month, Husco President and CEO and NAM Executive Committee member Austin Ramirez testified before the House Ways and Means Committee about the TCJA’s positive effect on manufacturing growth and the need for Congress to preserve the pro-growth business provisions of that legislation.
  • Their expiration “mean[s] that pass-through businesses like Husco will have more of our income subject to a higher rate of tax,” Ramirez said. “At the same time, the pass-through deduction will expire completely, doubling down on the tax hikes that we face. … [A]llowing tax reform to sunset will undermine much of the progress we’ve made since 2017.”

What we’re doing: The NAM will be engaging with each of the tax working groups over the next several months to ensure that manufacturing-critical tax provisions are extended and reinstated.

  • To get involved, reach out to NAM Senior Director of Tax Policy Alex Monié.
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