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Hannover Fair Showcases Latest Innovations

The world’s largest industrial fair took place in Hannover, Germany, last week, and the NAM’s digital transformation arm, the Manufacturing Leadership Council, was on the ground to find out about the latest innovations from around the world.

What’s going on: This year’s fair consisted of more than 4,000 exhibitors from 62 countries showcasing their latest innovations, as well as more than 130,000 visitors from around the world.

What we’re seeing: Among the trends and concepts on display are the following:

  • Manufacturing X: A rapidly emerging industrial data-sharing initiative in Europe, Manufacturing X aims to create a safe, agile, next-generation data infrastructure for the manufacturing industry.
  • Scaling AI: Our team saw extensive use of AI in the products exhibited, including solutions like Altair’s RapidMiner and Festo’s Automation Experience AI platform for predictive maintenance, which were designed to make entry into the AI space easier for companies.
  • The industrial metaverse: Some of the most engaging displays this year were of emerging industrial metaverse applications. They combine multiple technologies—such as advanced digital twins, embedded AI VR/AR visors and rapid 5G communications—to show how a company might use a mixed real-world/virtual environment to collaborate with partners remotely and fix equipment problems.

Get involved:  Companies can learn more about these and other technologies by attending Rethink, the MLC’s premier event for manufacturing executives, in Florida June 26–28. Learn more and register here.  

Read the MLC’s full post on this year’s Hannover Fair here.

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