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GSA, DOD Seek Carbon-Free Energy Suppliers

The General Services Administration and Department of Defense are looking for suppliers capable of providing federal facilities in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest with 100% carbon-free electricity (CFE) by the end of the decade, Axios reports.

What’s going on: The agencies, which published a request for information late last week, are “specifically [seeking] contractors who could offer carbon-free electricity for civil and defense agencies, located where the PJM Interconnection is the regional transmission operator.”

  • It’s an area of the grid that coordinates electricity through and around Washington, D.C.
  • The agencies say they will likely seek approximately 2.7 million megawatt hours of CFE, or about the amount of electricity needed to power 250,000 average-size homes for a year.

Why it’s important: The purchase, which is set to happen later this year, would be among the federal government’s largest clean-electricity purchases to date.

The NAM says: “Renewables and other CFE sources are an important part of our energy mix,” said NAM Director of Economic Policy Mike Davin. “It’s important to remember that U.S. energy security hinges on an all-of-the-above strategy, and that security is vital for mission-critical agencies such as the Department of Defense.”

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