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Input Stories

Gen Z Disrupts Retail Market with Sustainability Focus

Gen Z is leading the way in prioritizing sustainable consumer practices, and older generations are following suit, according to Forbes (subscription).

What’s happening: Gen Z is widely committed to environmentalism and is making consumer choices accordingly. Seventy-five percent of Gen Z consumers report that sustainability is a more important factor than brand name when they make purchases.

Why it matters: As consumer behavior shifts in favor of more sustainable products and practices, companies have an opportunity to evolve to meet consumer needs.
Influencing other generations: The power of Gen Z’s consumer habits is reaching older generations. Gen X’s preference for sustainable brands increased by 24% since 2019, and Gen Xers became 42% more willing to pay more for sustainable products over the same period.

Sustainable packaging wanted: “Across generations, 73 percent combined feel that sustainable packaging is very or somewhat important today, compared to only 58 percent in 2019. Moreover, 71 percent of everyone surveyed believe that online shipments contain an excess of packaging, and more than three-quarters prefer eco-friendly packaging.”

Definition differences: Older generations (millennials, Gen X, baby boomers) agree that sustainability means “products made from recycled, sustainable and naturally harvested fibers and materials.” Many members of Gen Z take that definition further to also include sustainability in manufacturing.

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