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“FAME Set the Path for My Entire Career”: a Manufacturing Success Story

Ellery Kring didn’t set out to begin a career in manufacturing. In fact, she wasn’t initially focused on a long-term career at all. 

“I was pretty typical out of high school,” said Kring. “I needed some money and a job.”

The Kentucky native heard of a job opening at appliance manufacturer Bosch through someone she knew and secured an entry-level role that helped pay the bills. But when she learned about an apprenticeship opportunity through the Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (FAME) program, she saw a chance to build something more substantial.

The program: Founded in 2010 by Toyota and operated today by The Manufacturing Institute, FAME  aims to help students become highly skilled, sought-after makers capable of meeting the unique needs and challenges of the modern manufacturing sector. 

  • It serves as a career pathway program for current and aspiring manufacturing workers, providing them with on-the-job training and classroom education, leading to an associate degree and the FAME Advanced Manufacturing Technician (AMT) certificate.

A “no-brainer”: “Bosch is a pretty big sponsor of FAME in northern Kentucky, and I heard about it through word of mouth on the plant floor,” said Kring. “I had a strong feeling that I liked being in industry, and when I heard that Bosch had a program that would train you in maintenance and pay for your school, it was a no-brainer.”

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