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Input Stories

Employers Try AI to Fill Worker Shortage

Employers are increasingly looking to artificial intelligence to help them shore up their workforces, according to The Wall Street Journal (subscription).

What’s happening: “By automating previously manual tasks—like pre-screening job applicants for basic qualifications, checking for professional credentials and licenses, or scheduling follow-up interviews—employers hope to streamline the hiring process and scoop up available workers before competitors move in.”

  • Companies are also using AI tools to quicken and smooth onboarding, orientation and training processes.

Hiring slowdown: U.S. hiring slowed in December, the U.S. Department of Labor reported last week. Employers added 199,000 new jobs, compared to the average monthly job growth of 537,000 in 2021.

AI-tool caveats? Some say AI tools miss crucial aspects in the job-placement process, such as accurately conveying company culture.

  • Some lawmakers have called for more scrutiny of AI tools in hiring, saying the use of such software can result in unintentional bias against candidates.

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