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Clean Hydrogen Hubs Coming to U.S.

The Biden administration will construct seven regional clean hydrogen “hubs” across the U.S., according to Popular Science.

What’s going on: The centers—which “will stretch across 16 states” and represent most major areas of the country—will get $7 billion in funding from the 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to speed the development of affordable, clean hydrogen.

Why it’s important: “These new hubs aim to produce more than 3 million metric tons of clean hydrogen annually” and could help remove 25 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions from the environment.  

  • Hydrogen, the most abundant chemical element in the world, can be turned into a clean fuel by separating water molecules, often with the use of electrolyzers.
  • The production process can use large amounts of traditional energy, and a key focus of the seven planned hubs is reducing emissions.

Powered by renewables, nuclear: The hubs—which Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said would require “several years” to plan and build—will use renewable energy to manufacture hydrogen.

  • The project “could also require additional nuclear power and a large network of carbon storage facilities that will grab and bury emissions in the regions where natural gas is still used to make hydrogen.”

The NAM says: “Manufacturers are playing a leading role in every hydrogen hub announced, which will build out a nationwide network to produce, transport and use clean hydrogen,” said NAM Vice President of Domestic Policy Brandon Farris.

  • “With the hubs announced, the NAM is continuing to push the Department of Treasury to ensure the hydrogen tax credit appropriately spurs the U.S. hydrogen industry’s rapid development.”
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