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Cargo Ship Removed from Baltimore Crash Site

The cargo ship that hit the Francis Scott Key Bridge almost two months ago was hauled away from the site of the crash on Monday, marking a critical step in the full reopening of the Port of Baltimore (Reuters).

What’s going on: “The removal of the Dali marked a significant step in the Port of Baltimore’s recovery from the boat’s March 26 collision with one of the bridge’s support pillars. The bridge’s collapse killed six road workers and hindered traffic through the busiest port for car shipments in the U.S.”

  • Maryland Gov. Wes Moore said on Sunday workers were on schedule to completely clear the port’s 50-foot channel by the end of May. Officials have created a temporary, slightly shallower channel for use until then.
  • Crews set off controlled explosions last week to allow the lifting of a portion of the fallen bridge from the bow of the ship, which let them free the ship for removal yesterday.
  • The Dali lost electrical power several times March 26 before hitting the bridge; the cause of the power loss remains under investigation.

The price tag: Maryland officials have estimated that bridge reconstruction will cost from $1.7 billion to $1.9 billion and will be completed by the fall of 2028.

  • The Biden administration is urging Congress to fund the rebuilding entirely at federal expense but has not yet provided a dollar amount for the request.

Why it’s important: The Dali’s move from the scene of the bridge collapse means authorities will soon be able to open more channels into and out of the Port of Baltimore, an important hub for trade, particularly in the sugar and automotive sectors. 

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