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Biden Announces Plan to Reduce Methane

By NAM News Room

Following the Biden administration’s announcement of a plan to reduce methane emissions, the NAM reiterated manufacturers’ shared commitment to tackling climate “in a way that doesn’t harm manufacturing in America.”

What’s happening: During his recent two-day appearance at the COP26 climate event in Glasgow, President Biden pledged to work with other countries to reduce global methane emissions by 30% by 2030, according to the AP.

  • “The centerpiece of U.S. actions is a long-awaited rule by the Environmental Protection Agency to tighten methane regulations for the oil and gas sector, as laid out in one of Biden’s first executive orders.”
  • “The proposed rule would, for the first time, target reductions from existing oil and gas wells nationwide, rather than focus only on new wells as previous regulations have done.”

What the NAM says: “Getting the U.S. methane strategy right is critical as we tackle climate change, and manufacturers stand ready to work with the Biden administration and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to address this pivotal issue in a way that doesn’t harm manufacturing in America,” said NAM Vice President of Energy and Resources Policy Rachel Jones.

  • She continued: “Manufacturers are working with the EPA to share their expertise, and many companies are leading the way in rolling out technologies that make it possible to lower both emissions and costs. We look forward to learning specific details of the administration’s full methane strategy as our sector continues to work to make our planet healthy for future generations.”

Read more: Check out our interview with Jones for more on the NAM’s position.

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