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A Tentative Labor Deal for West Coast Ports

Unions and their employers at 29 West Coast ports have reached a tentative deal resolving a labor crisis that has lasted almost a year, reports CNBC.

No details yet: While the deal will last six years and cover all 29 ports, no details have been released yet.

  • “We are pleased to have reached an agreement that recognizes the heroic efforts and personal sacrifices of the ILWU workforce in keeping our ports operating,” said Pacific Maritime Association President James McKenna and International Longshore and Warehouse Union President Willie Adams in a joint statement.

​​​​​​ Ramping back up: Workers at several ports had engaged in slowdowns or had not shown up for shifts over the course of the past two weeks, leading to delays and congestion.

  • “The ports, which are currently running at 70% capacity, will need several days to clear out the containers once a full labor force is back to work.”

​​​​​​​The NAM says: “Manufacturers welcome last night’s announcement of a long-term deal between the #ILWU and #PMA. Certainty at America’s West Coast ports ensures reliability in domestic shipping lanes and keeps manufacturing in America competitive and thriving,” tweeted NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons.

  • “@POTUS understands that manufacturing is the backbone of our economy, and @ShopfloorNAM thanks President Biden for his leadership in bringing these parties back together to reach a final agreement that eliminates the threat of additional supply chain disruptions.”
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