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A Moose That Keeps You Safe: A Visit to a Sign Manufacturer

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moose inside a factory would usually be a major hazard—except when it’s on a COVID-19 safety sign made by LEM Products, Inc. The custom sign and label manufacturer created a range of ingenious signs for their own facilities to keep their employees safe and healthy. 

It was aLEM’s Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania, facility that NAM staff photographer David Bohrer snapped this moose in action, along with many other safety measures. Here’s some of what he saw.  

Throughout the facility, signs remind employees to maintain social distance, sanitize surfaces and wash their hands frequentlyThese decals show the appropriate distance: six feet of space.  

And aside from the moose, there are more eye-catching reminders of what six feet looks like 

In work areas, signs at a six-foot distance ask: Can you ask your question from here? 

Employees also wear masks while moving around the facility. 

In the break room, dividers create distance between workers eating lunchAnd another animal friend is here to help! 

Near high-touch points such as light switches, there’s a reminder to wash your hands.  

Disinfecting products, such as Clorox wipes, are available throughout the facility to sanitize surfaces, too 

With these precautions in placeLEM’s employees can safely produce custom safety identifications, labels and tags for its customers. 

CEO Maureen O’Connor emphasized that as a leading supplier of safety related signage, LEM Products takes it as a duty to lead by example in all aspects of safety and hygiene. “Our response to COVID-19 was emblematic of how we always approach safety issues,” O’Connor said. “We urge all who read this to do everything in your power to protect your employees and your company in combating COVID-19.” 

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