The Cost of Federal Regulations

The current regulatory onslaught threatens the competitiveness of manufacturing in America, chilling manufacturing investment, job creation and wage growth and blunts the positive impacts of tax reform, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the CHIPS and Science Act. With millions of hardworking men and women relying on manufacturing for their livelihoods, the stakes are high.

Key Findings

$3.079 trillion
Cost of federal regulations to the U.S. economy
$465 billion
Increase in aggregate regulatory compliance costs since 2012
Avg. annual compliance costs for a U.S. firm
Avg. per employee cost of regulations for manufacturers
Avg. per employee cost of regulations for small manufacturers (<50 employees)

In 2022, manufacturers faced stiffer regulatory hurdles compared to similarly sized peers in the economy at-large. The disparity is particularly acute for small manufacturers.

Survey of Manufacturers: What Would You Do with Funds Currently Allocated to Federal Regulatory Compliance?

Manufacturers would spend 86% of funds currently spent on compliance on reinvesting in their business or employee initiatives if given the choice.

Manufacturers for Sensible Regulations

The National Association of Manufacturers, members of the NAM’s Council of Manufacturing Associations and Conference of State Manufacturers Associations launched Manufacturers for Sensible Regulations to address the impact of the current regulatory onslaught coming from federal agencies. To ensure manufacturers remain competitive, we are calling on the White House to designate a senior-level adviser to coordinate efforts within the White House to ensure that federal regulators are implementing policies that align with the president’s promise to promote the growth of manufacturing in America.

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Notable Members

 Using Our Voice

Manufacturers are using their voices to sound the alarm the increasing federal regulations that continue to threaten the industry and our economy.

NAM Vice President of Domestic Policy Charles Crain testifies before the House Financial Services Committee on how the SEC’s proposed climate disclosure rule would impose tremendous costs on manufacturers, with small manufacturers being the hardest hit.

Eric Truskoski, vice president of government affairs at Bradford White Corp, addresses the need for regulatory solutions that keep manufacturers competitive.

Steve Gullickson, President and CEO of MGK, an insect control company based in Minnesota, addresses the economic risks posed by the tightening regulatory field.

More Data

The costs of unbalanced regulations impact our workforce, communities and economy.

94% of manufacturers say increased regulatory burdens make it difficult to create jobs, invest in new equipment and expand facilities.
93 new regulations from across 30 agencies and offices stifling growth and job creation
68% of voters surveyed by the NAM agree that small manufacturers bear an unfair burden when faced with excessive regulations


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