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Press Releases

Timmons: President Bush Was Epitome of Greatest Generation

Washington, D.C. – National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) President and CEO Jay Timmons released the following statement on the passing of Former President George H. W. Bush.

President George H.W. Bush lived the values of an exceptional America as the epitome of the ‘Greatest Generation.’ He inspired us through his final days, with the trademark kindness and humility that defined his storied career in public service.

Shot down over the Pacific in World War II, he ascended the ranks to become Commander-in-Chief, holding numerous titles in between—but none that he wore so proudly as those of father and husband.

As the leader of our nation, he set an example for the whole world, especially in his defense of America’s values. As he said in a 1990 address to the National Association of Manufacturers, ‘The ideas championed by America—freedom, democracy, competition and investment—are flourishing because they work. Because they are the best.’ He expanded those values around the world during his presidency by bringing the Cold War to an end, as exemplified by the fall of the Berlin Wall, about which he did not boast but instead sought ways to bring the world together.

Here at home, President Bush believed in expanding opportunity, arguing in his NAM address that a job was a source of ‘dignity and decency’ for American families. And no one knew dignity and decency better than the 41st President of the United States and his beloved wife, Barbara.

President Bush believed in bringing Americans together and used his platform and his voice to encourage the better angels in us all through his ‘Thousand Points of Light’ initiative. He understood that compassion and respect for all humankind strengthen our nation.

Today, as the Bush family—and the whole country—mourn this great loss, our thoughts and our prayers are with them once again. God bless the legacy of President George H.W. Bush.


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