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Press Releases

Timmons on the Passing of Sen. Bob Dole

Washington, D.C. – Following the news on the passing of Sen. Bob Dole, National Association of Manufacturers President and CEO Jay Timmons released this statement:

“With the passing of Sen. Dole, manufacturers have lost an ally and friend and one of the great advocates of the values that make our country exceptional and our industry strong—free enterprise, competitiveness, individual liberty and equal opportunity. He not only believed in those values, he fought for them—in every sense of the word.

“A grievous injury on the battlefields of World War II could not diminish his love of country or his pursuit of a lifetime of service. He saw selflessness and sacrifice as his patriotic duty. It’s what made him a true statesman and truly worthy of being called part of the ‘greatest generation.’ And that irrepressible spirit is what, in his final years, brought him day after day to the National Mall, even in sweltering summer heat, to greet his fellow veterans arriving from across the country to visit the World War II Memorial.

“On a personal level, I greatly appreciated his wisdom and insight when I led the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Then, as during his time as national party chair, Senate Majority Leader and presidential candidate, he was a moral compass for the party, as ready to take a principled stand as he was to extend a hand across the aisle. The Doles have both been role models for so many. I will also remain deeply grateful for his support of the Humane Rescue Alliance and animal adoption before, during and after my time as HRA chair. He loved animals—above all their many dogs, including the multiple dogs famously named Leader.

“Bidding farewell to a man like Bob Dole is difficult because it feels like saying goodbye to one of the last remaining giants of our history. To truly honor him, though, we must do more than mourn his passing. We must renew our commitment to strengthening our nation and protecting the democracy for which he fought throughout his life.

“My deepest condolences to his wife, Sen. Elizabeth Dole, and the entire Dole family. You are in my prayers and in the prayers of a grateful nation.”


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