Adria Brockman

Managing Vice President, Membership

Adria Funkhouser Brockman, managing vice president, membership, joined the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) in 2007. Based in Virginia, Adria manages a nationwide team of directors that work with the NAM’s Fortune 1000 member companies and C-suite-level executives that serve on the NAM Board of Directors. In this role, she oversees the strategic engagement of our largest members while collaborating with executives on targeted legislative priorities and outside-the-Beltway leadership activities. She previously served as the NAM’s regional manager for the Mid-Atlantic and western regions of the country.

Adria has significant management experience as well as experience developing relationships between clients and state and local government authorities. Before joining the NAM, Adria served as an operations manager with the San Diego Convention Center, where she oversaw event logistics and managed 150 employees at the largest convention center in the region. She earned her bachelor’s degree in hospitality and tourism management with a minor in business from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute.