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Press Releases

Manufacturers Congratulate Senator Harris

Timmons: When diverse voices have a leading role on the national stage, we are all better off

Washington, D.C. – National Association of Manufacturers President and CEO Jay Timmons released the following statement on the selection of Sen. Kamala Harris to join the Democratic ticket in the 2020 election.

“Sen. Kamala Harris has made history, and this is a milestone for America. When diverse voices have a leading role on the national stage, we are all better off. If Sen. Harris’ candidacy helps more young Americans see a place for themselves in public service, that is progress for our country. The selection of a running mate is one of the great mile markers in any presidential campaign—and manufacturers look forward to keeping our industry, and our issues, front and center with both the Biden–Harris and Trump–Pence campaigns.

“The path for the success of manufacturing in America is found in our ‘Competing to Win’ policy agenda—and we call on all candidates at every level to draw from it and rally Americans around these post-partisan ideas. Whether the issue is bold infrastructure investment, comprehensive immigration reform, strengthening the American workforce, expanding export opportunities, protecting research and innovation or many others, we will work with all leaders ready to advance our shared priorities.

“The men and women of America’s manufacturing workforce contribute mightily to the success of our nation. Just as we have been the arsenal of democracy during the major conflicts in our history, manufacturers are also playing a decisive leadership role in America’s response to COVID-19. By ensuring our industry has the right policies in place at the federal level, there is no doubt manufacturers will significantly drive our country’s recovery and renewal as well.”


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