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Manufacturers Call for Change in Response to George Floyd Protests

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Manufacturing leaders across the country are responding to the nationwide protests spurred by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

“We absolutely stand hand in hand with all those who seek respect, fairness and the right to equality of opportunity that America has promised for centuries and that, even now, has not been delivered to all her citizens,” NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons said in a statement.

Manufacturers across industries and regions are joining in the call for justice—and demanding respect and equality for all people.

Companies are also making financial commitments to support inclusivity efforts, as well as supporting businesses that were damaged or looted during the unrest.

UnitedHealth Group said it would donate $10 million to help businesses in the Twin Cities rebuild and create an educational trust fund for Floyd’s children.

“This is not a time to sit back and wait for action from others,” Timmons said. “The manufacturing community, and the larger business community—made up of people from every background, every race, every state and every neighborhood in the country—has a responsibility that is as urgent now as at any time when our nation seemed on the edge of destruction. We must be part of the solution—to end the polarization and division that routinely manifests in our country.”

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