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Energy Manufacturers Need Policy Support

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As the world’s leading energy producer, the U.S. is poised for long-term energy independence and competitiveness in the global marketplace—but only with the right policies in place.

The right recipe: That’s the theme of the NAM’s energy and natural resources advocacy in its policy blueprint, “Competing to Win,” and it’s the recipe for continued success for all manufacturers in the U.S.

  • Manufacturers lead the way in finding new means of harnessing our abundant sources of energy, but to make long-term investments and continue to innovate, policymakers should draw up and stand by a comprehensive framework for a secure energy future.

Keep us competitive: The NAM calls on legislators to take specific actions to keep energy manufacturing in the U.S. competitive. These include:

  • Streamlining regulations that slow access to our rich supply of energy, minerals and other natural resources;
  • Expediting the regulatory and legal processes involved in developing clean energy technologies and promoting energy and energy technology trade;
  • Fixing the broken permitting process for energy production and infrastructure projects;
  • Promoting access to federal lands and waters for environmentally responsible mineral, energy and resource exploration;
  • Supporting measures to enhance development and deployment of energy-efficient technologies;
  • Backing domestic critical mineral extraction, recycling and processing; and
  • Expanding the useful life of critical minerals components using federal programs and funds.

Focus on the environment: Energy produced in the U.S. is cleaner and more responsibly sourced than energy produced in other nations.

  • When U.S. policies fail to encourage production here at home, they encourage production in other parts of the world, where there is far greater adverse impact to the environment.

Security through innovation: Sound, thorough and competition-focused energy policy will give energy manufacturers in the U.S. the stability they need to invest for the long term.

  • Innovation, energy security and greater affordability—not just for the U.S., but for other countries as well—will follow.

The last word: “The future of the manufacturing industry and our country’s resource security rely on clarity and certainty from policymakers that strengthens our competitiveness,” said NAM Vice President of Energy and Resources Policy Rachel Jones.

  • “With a renewed commitment to increasing domestic energy production and delivery, to focusing on critical mineral and material supply chains and to advancing new technologies, the United States can continue to lead the world for decades to come.”
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