Creators Wanted Kicks Off Virtual Campaign

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Creators Wanted, the pioneering workforce initiative from the NAM and MI, is adapting to the changing environment to continue its critical work to reduce the skills gap and end misperceptions about modern manufacturing.

What’s happening:
We’ve gone virtual! The NAM and MI are still doing the Creators Wanted Tour, but they have exchanged in-person experiences for virtual ones (at least for now). The upside: these events will now be accessible to many more people.

What’s the plan: We’re kicking off our first virtual event on Tuesday, Feb. 2, at 10:00 a.m. EST. It will give you a sneak preview of what to expect during our Creators Wanted virtual events this year. (Click here for more information and to register.) After that, the NAM and MI will be making their way across the country, with virtual events aimed at different geographical areas.

What’s new and important:

  • The NAM—with the MI’s support and leadership—has launched the Pledge for Action. It’s a commitment by manufacturers to take real, tangible steps to reflect the diversity of the U.S. workforce over the next decade. Taking the Pledge and supporting Creators Wanted are great ways for manufacturers to help close the opportunity gap.
  • We’re collecting stories of creators around the country! Tell us about an amazing creator you know by visiting

Who’s it for: “Everyone! Well, we wouldn’t mind if everyone heard our message,” said NAM Vice President of Brand Strategy Chrys Kefalas. “But the NAM and MI specifically want to reach out to people who are ready to explore a career in manufacturing now. Maybe they’ve lost a job in the pandemic and are looking for a new career, or perhaps they’re already involved in manufacturing but want to gain the skills that will take them to the next level.”

  • The NAM and MI also want to reach veterans and people who are underrepresented in manufacturing, including women, Black people and all communities of color.
  • And, of course, the initiative intends to connect with young people, the next generation of creators.

Picking up where we left off: “The NAM and MI set big goals with Creators Wanted in 2020—to improve perceptions of manufacturing, reduce the skills gap and get more people into manufacturing career paths,” said Kefalas. “On Feb. 2, we will demonstrate that we can hit these goals with a new combination of virtual events, digital experiences and eventually in-person activations.”

But that’s not all… “The event will cover how we’re going to expand our impact, as well as exceed sponsor expectations. You won’t want to miss it.”

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