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Press Releases

America Is Closer Than Ever to Historic Infrastructure Investment

Timmons: We now urge members of the House to follow the Senate’s example, pass this bipartisan bill and send it to the president’s desk

Washington, D.C. – Following U.S. Senate passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, National Association of Manufacturers President and CEO Jay Timmons released this statement:

“The Senate’s passage of this historic, bipartisan legislation is a tremendous achievement and a credit to President Biden and the group of senators who met across the aisle to address our country’s longstanding infrastructure needs. This is the type of infrastructure investment manufacturers have long championed, and the bipartisan approach shows that our legislators can indeed still come together to accomplish transformational change. We now urge members of the House to follow the Senate’s example, pass this bipartisan bill and send it to the president’s desk for his signature without delay.

“The more than 12 million men and women of manufacturing are counting on Congress to get this done—because it will renew and revitalize our nation’s physical infrastructure, improving productivity and quality of life for everybody, without erasing the tax reforms that helped manufacturers keep our promises to innovate, hire more employees, raise wages and benefits and reinvest in communities.

“The NAM has led the charge for historic investments in infrastructure for years, as outlined in our infrastructure blueprint, ‘Building to Win,’ and many of its recommendations are in the final Senate bill. The bill also includes a range of actions that the NAM calls for in our climate policy plan, ‘The Promise Ahead,’ along with many of the NAM’s supply chain and permitting goals, which are laid out in ‘Strengthening the Manufacturing Supply Chain.’

“With world-class infrastructure enhancing our competitiveness, manufacturers will be better prepared to help build an economy that lifts up all Americans and enables us to lead through this century and into the next.”

Find a list of key NAM priorities in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act here.


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