You want the most up-to-date information to make the best decisions for your business. Lawmakers need real-life insights into the operations and successes of manufacturers in America. And the American people need an authoritative news source on the industry that drives our economy. The NAM provides all of this.

We offer breaking news from the manufacturing industry and exclusive insights into the issues that impact you most every day. As a modern trade association, the NAM is your trusted news source as you seek to grow your business.

NAM News and Information at a Glance

What We Do: Provide breaking news, industry insights and exceptional storytelling for and about manufacturing in America.


How We Do It: The NAM understands your business and your needs. Through a morning newsletter, a new and connections to leading media outlets, we offer actionable intelligence that will quickly arm your team with useful information and give you a full picture of the fast-moving manufacturing landscape.


Why It Matters: In an era of disagreement and unreliable news, the NAM provides first-look information and insights you can trust. No other organization offers our exclusive content and perspective on the manufacturing industry, and no other association has the reach to amplify the stories and values of manufacturers nationwide.


In January 2019, NAM launched Inputa morning newsletter tailor-made for manufacturing leaders, offering the most important breaking news and insights about policies affecting the manufacturing industry. Input provides breaking news, actionable intelligence, expert insights and exclusive content about our industry and has become the first read of the day for NAM board members and leading executives.


The reimagined and redesigned went live in May 2019 as a leading source for manufacturing news and a megaphone to amplify the stories of NAM members.

The NAM’s original content sets the narrative for the entire manufacturing industry. Our content has been widely referenced by leaders on the floor of the House and Senate and cited by influential media outlets. We’re a recognized resource for manufacturing advocacy on issues from energy and labor policy to legal reform, trade and regulation. serves as the foremost source for manufacturing news—and creates a dynamic platform for NAM members to tell their stories to the nation.

National Media

The NAM doesn’t just tell manufacturers’ stories—we make sure your story gets heard by the American people. Last year, the NAM drove the news and drew attention to the industry’s successes in advocating for our members’ priorities. Our media relations professionals know how to connect with reporters and generate stories, and journalists know that the NAM is the best source for manufacturing news.

Social Media

Unlike many other advocacy groups, the NAM has harnessed the power of changing technology and methods of communication. The results speak for themselves: over the past year, the NAM has led across social media platforms, receiving more than six times as many social interactions as the next top trade group and significantly more than any other business trade organization. What’s more, our messages have been embraced by some of the most powerful decision-makers in the nation—shared by everyone from members of Congress to the president of the United States, strengthening key relationships as our voice echoes around the world.


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