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What Manufacturers Need to “Compete to Win”

In time for the midterm elections, the NAM has launched the latest version of its policy blueprint, “Competing to Win,” a comprehensive roadmap featuring immediately implementable solutions for bolstering manufacturers’ competitiveness.

What’s going on: “Competing to Win,” the first version of which was rolled out in 2016, contains a competitiveness agenda focused on 12 key policy areas, ranging from tax to workforce and education to immigration.

  • The newest iteration is “a plan filled with ideas that policymakers could pursue immediately, including solutions to urgent problems, such as energy security, immigration reform, supply chain disruptions, the ongoing workforce shortage and more,” NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons said.

Why it’s important: A revised version of “Competing to Win” is typically published each year in January. However, given rising consumer costs, continued supply chain challenges and geopolitical turmoil, as well as the upcoming midterm elections, NAM leaders decided on an early release for this agenda that Americans across the political spectrum can support.

The impact: Numerous manufacturing groups showed their support for “Competing to Win” following its release.

  • “It’s time to strengthen manufacturing in America. #CompetingToWin,” The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association tweeted.
  • “[W]hen policymakers pursue opportunities to bolster our industry’s competitiveness, we are all better off,” tweeted Arizona’s Flagstaff Chamber. 

 Learn more: Download “Competing to Win” and get more information here.

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