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Tax Hikes Will Threaten America's Competitiveness

What’s Going On…

Update: The NAM successfully beat back a provision in the proposed “reconciliation” package that would have imposed taxes that disproportionately affect manufacturers, making it harder for them to invest in their businesses, upgrade their facilities and buy new machinery.

This is a win for manufacturers, but our work is not done. We need to keep up our momentum to stop other tax provisions within the current bill. Scroll down below to get tax action alerts and use our Call Congress tool to be automatically connected to your lawmaker’s office.

NAM Exclusive:

Harmful Tax Changes Facing Manufacturers

  • Raising tax rates—Congress and the Administration have proposed tax rate increases targeting corporations and pass-through entities alike, costing jobs and making it harder to invest for growth.
  • Book Tax—The “book tax” being considered in Congress would imposes a 15% minimum tax on manufacturers. The nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation says manufacturers would shoulder almost half of the burden of this tax.
  • GILTI—Congress is considering increasing the U.S. global minimum tax, called the global intangible low-taxed income tax (GILTI), to 15.8%— above the proposed global minimum tax rate, among other harmful changes.
  • Interest Deductibility Limitations—Congress has proposed a new limitation on the tax deductibility of interest on business loans, making it more expensive for manufacturers to invest in growth.
  • Windfall Profits Tax—Under the guise of lowering gas prices, some members of Congress have proposed enacting a per-barrel tax on oil and gas companies. This dangerous proposal would weaken our energy security and drive oil and gas prices up.

The Negative Impact on Manufacturers:

Read the NAM’s most recent letter to U.S. Senators, with the support of over 125 national, state and local manufacturing business organizations, speaking out against the current reconciliation package.
Review this recent survey of manufacturing leaders that analyzes how manufacturers will be negatively impacted if Congress follows through on these changes.
Watch the CNBC coverage of the NAM’s on-the-ground effort in Arizona. Fox News similarly profiled the NAM’s work to stop tax hikes. 
Watch the video below to learn why tax hikes on manufacturers are the wrong way to go

How Tax Reform Has Protected Manufacturers

The tax reforms passed in 2017 put manufacturers in a position of strength — driving historic numbers of new hires, rising wages, strong capital investment and the best production in years.

Mobilizing Your Company & Taking Action

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